2019 Summer wedding trends

Planning your special day can become a stressful and nerve-wreaking process. The need to make this day perfect and unforgettable is great. We’ve put together a list of 2019 wedding trends to incorporate into your wedding.

Fresh air

Take advantage of the cool summer nights by hosting your wedding outdoors. The nature surrounding you will add to the overall décor and give you a scenic view from your tables. Outdoor weddings allow you to challenge your creativity. It’s great when you are looking to create a more rustic or natural feel for your wedding. Pick a destination that will complement the theme of your wedding. Whether it be surrounded by wildflowers, fields of green or rustic forestry.

Light it up

Use hanging lights or candles to create the feel of glamour. Using these two in abundance has been a trend at 2019 weddings. All around your ceremony and reception area. String lights are a huge trend at the moment. They help light up space to extend that sundown feeling. Lights are fun and can give your wedding a unique style. Candles are amazing when you want to create a more traditional and peaceful space. These lights or candles also help you create a sense of cohesion between the ceremony and the reception area.

Dramatic floral designs

Larger-than –life floral designs have been a highlight at most 2019 weddings. Take advantage of the season and incorporate flowers in fun and interesting ways. This can be something as complex as floor to ceiling hanging installations or unique table arrangements. Don’t be afraid to use greenery. Greenery can make your look lush and untamed in the most beautiful way.

Maximize or minimize

2019 Has been the year of extremes. Exaggerating the décor builds the illusion of lusciousness. Don’t hold back the drama. Selecting minimalistic and intimate settings has always been on-trend and still is. Keep it simple, yet beautiful.

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