5 Ways to shake up your corporate event

There’s nothing worse than having to sit through a dull corporate event, watching the clock, counting down the seconds until you get to leave. Luckily, there are many ways to improve and make your corporate event a bit more interesting so that this doesn’t happen, and we want to tell you about a few of them. Read about a few ways to shake up your corporate event:

Creating friendly competition

Get people intrigued by presenting a few little games that create friendly competition. This shakes up the corporate event by making it more interactive and entertaining. The games don’t have to be very long or extravagant, but the change of pace from speeches is always welcome.

Choose a theme

There’s always a bit of excitement involved in getting dressed up for an event. When deciding on a theme, remember that it is still a corporate event, so some themes may not be appropriate. A common theme chosen for corporate events, that does not require the purchase of costumes, is a black-tie event.

Change locations

Don’t bore the guests by choosing the same old venue every year. Change the location annually to make guests excited from the moment they receive their invitation. Take a leap of faith by choosing a venue that stands out from the usual conference hall event location.

Have interesting speakers

Having to sit through a boring speech while pretending to be interested is incredibly difficult. Save your guests the discomfort of having to sit through an awkward speech by finding speakers – or saying your own speech – that will captivate the audience’s attention and leave them on the edge of their seats.

Make it personal

‘Thank you’ gifts are a must, and if possible, personalise them a bit. If the guest list is very long, you may not be able to personalise each gift but be more focused on your group and understand that giving them a gift that has no relevance to the event won’t be very enthralling.

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