Honeymoon suite decoration ideas

Your honeymoon suite is the first thing that you and your partner will be sharing as a newlywed couple. Decorating this space to make the day special can be stressful. We’ve put together a few ideas to consider when decorating your honeymoon suite to make your day that extra bit special. 


For a honeymoon suite lighting is everything. Creating a romantic atmosphere is the most important aspect when decorating your honeymoon suite. Lighting is a simple way of achieving this. Fairy lights do a great job of lighting up the room just enough. They also provide a beautiful aesthetic to the overall appeal of the room. Choose lights that are warmer in colour and dimmer in setting to fully create the perfect mood. Alternatively, you can go with the classic candle decoration. Water candles create a beautiful illusion of the candle floating in the air. Don’t go overboard with candles on the floor because the décor still needs to be practical. 


Flowers are always a great way of creating a romantic mood. Lining the floor with rose petals is always a good choice. Flower vines on and around the bed if done correctly can be incredibly beautiful. It is important not to overdo it with flowers, as it can begin to look tacky. 


Placing an assortment of snacks about the room is always a good idea. Fruits and chocolate to further accentuate the décor and add to the romantic ambiance. Champagne in the room is always a must. 

Remember that less is more, keep it simple and classic to create the best honeymoon suite décor.

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