Planning an amazing outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings can be romantic and scenic however they take a lot of work and thought to make them perfect. Outdoors offer additional benefits and pitfalls that you will need to think about when planning your wedding. Here is all you need to ensure your outdoor wedding is an unforgettable experience. We mean that in the best way possible.


Take advantage of the scenery. Use areas with great views or beautiful surroundings. Allow Mother Nature to do the work of creating the atmosphere.


Keep your guests comfortable during the ceremony. Outdoor weddings can become incredibly uncomfortable because they are among nature. This means there are several things to consider when having an outdoor wedding. Protect your guests from any elements that may be a bother on the day. This can be anything like hand fans for the heat or shawls to keep warm in chilly weather. Your guests will appreciate and remember the effort.


Planning an outdoor wedding means that you need to consider everything. This means considering the weather and how you will control the temperature. This could be with the help of heaters or fans to regulate the temperature. Have a backup plan should it start to rain. Fall in love with your plan b and have some things to bring the outdoors inside so that you don’t completely lose the feeling of the outdoors. 


Because Mother Nature is doing most of the work it’s important to not go overboard. There is still quite a bit of work to be done though. Making sure that some touches are done will make a huge difference. Things like having the grass mown and the ground raked. Make sure your décor is practical for all guests. Lighting is all up to you so incorporating fairy lights, string lights or candles is a must. Create focal points in addition to the amazing view. This can be an arch or trellis to focus on the ceremony or beautiful flower arrangement runners on your tables.

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