Questions to ask before booking a wedding,function or conference venue.

Planning a wedding is an exciting experience, so exciting that you may let yourself get carried away. There’s a very big chance that you could fall in love with a venue on your search for the perfect venue for your wedding. This isn’t a bad thing, but if this does happen make sure to snap out of your googly-eyed daze for a moment to get some much-needed information. Here are a few questions to ask before booking a wedding venue:

Check for availability
Before setting you heart on the venue, find out if it is available over your target date. If the availability dates do not fall over your target date, it is your choice as to whether you will move your date; however, situations don’t always allow for the bride and groom to move their dates.

Request a quote
Another thing you will need to find out before booking the venue is the cost. Is it affordable according to your budget, or are you going to have to look at other venues? If combining the ceremony and the reception, enquire about the cost of both. Another cost to look at would be accommodation, depending on where the venue is situated. (compare apples to apples)

Find out their capacity
Many venues have strict regulations about how many people it will take. Some venues require a minimum number of guests, meaning that you cannot book the venue if you have less guests. Other venues have guest limits which mean that they will not be able to hold more than a certain number of guests. You wouldn’t want to have to cut down on guests or invite guests for the sake of reaching the required amount.

Back-up plans for rain
This is a question for outside venues. Be sure to book a venue with an indoor venue option, in the event of rain, especially during the rainy season.”

Back-up plans for electricity – and/or water interruptions.
What can be worst if your wedding come to a closure due to power/water interruptions?

Accesses route and safety to Wedding venue
Make sure that for easy accesses to the wedding venue. Close to main roads. Safety to and from the venue is also very important. To find a venue at day time may be easy but what about night-time. Think of your guests as well.

Accommodation for Guests
Think again of your quests. Availability, affordability, clean and need. Other accommodation nearby.

Visit the Venue
Before you make a decision, it is of utmost importance to make an appointment and visit the venue. To make an appointment will assure that you will get quality time to discuss all about your wedding and what the venue can offer.

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