Rustic wedding checklist

There is nothing better than a beautiful rustic wedding. When planning your ultimate rustic wedding there are a few things to keep in mind that will not only make your wedding stand out but will also bring out the magic in every moment shared. Here a few things you can add to your checklist when creating your perfect rustic wedding. 


The lighting used for your wedding will ultimately set the mood for the whole event. When it comes to rustic weddings you want to create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. This can be achieved by using beautiful warm string lights. If you are looking to make your décor grander then the addition of hanging warm-coloured chandeliers will do. These usually imitate the look of the sunset and brighten up the wedding in a way that adds to your aesthetic.


Flowers are really important in any wedding. They convey a clear statement and provide a sense of cohesion throughout the décor and bridal party. For a more rustic wedding don’t be shy. Fill the venue with foliage and blooms, greenery is a must-have.

Little Touches

No rustic wedding is complete without rustic crafts to add a personal touch to your wedding. This can be anything from guest book ideas and wooden table numbers to personalized place cards and wedding favors. You can bake a couple of batches of chocolate chip cookies and create little parcels for the guests to leave with. Try to be as original as possible but keep to the rustic ideals.


A rustic wedding needs texture. Wood, ribbons, galvanized metals and pretty petals will go a long way in creating this texture.


The venue needs to reflect the theme while still bare. It’s important to have a venue that has a rustic charm with light, airy and open features.

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