Tips for having a stylish wedding on a budget

Every young girl envisions her dream wedding .However, as we grow older, we start to realise that weddings are expensive, and our ideas might change. While the expense of a wedding does put a damper on the ideas we had when we were younger, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still have a stylish wedding. Here are a few tips for having a stylish wedding on a budget:

Prioritise items

The most important thing to do is to prioritise your expenditure for things that really mean a lot to you. There may be ways to cut the costs of your stylish wedding, but certain ideas just aren’t worth changing. Make a note of no more than three wedding lists items that you refuse to change and plan your budget around them . To most ladies, their wedding dress is at the top of their list.


Having batch invitations printed and delivered is expensive. The better route is to opt for online invitations such as a stylish website that allows guests to RSVP with the touch of a button, or customised jpegs that can be sent over messaging apps. Sure, this might be a bit more time consuming, but it is worth it for the sake of your budget.

DIY table décor

Table décor can become the most expensive thing at your wedding if you don’t budget. In fact, the best way to lower the costs of your table décor is to do it yourself. Get yourself some spray paint, tea light candles, a few mason jars in various sizes and some ribbon or twine to create rustic vases and candle holder. Choose a small bunch of simple flowers, such as baby’s breath to place into the rustic vases.

Your choice of venue

The choice of venue can make a huge difference in wedding costs. Choosing a naturally beautiful venue will give you the stylish wedding you want, and it will allow you to keep your décor simple as the venue itself will be enough to make your wedding stunning. If you haven’t prioritised your wedding venue, you may be able to cut costs by opting to get married on a weekday, as well as going over your guestlist.

Guestlist limits

A great way to cut costs and allow yourself to save for other important wedding features is to create a limit for your guestlist. Don’t get carried away with the amount of people you invite as this creates additionalexpenses. Whenyou plan your guestlist, try and limit it to family and friends that mean the most to you. Don’t feel the need to invite your 5th cousin or your best friend from nursery school unless you have a close relationship with them.

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