Tips for hosting a business conference on a budget

Hosting a conference can be stressful because everything within the all-day or multi-day event needs to be planned out and well organized. It takes research and impeccable scheduling to run a conference smoothly. Here are a few tips to help you plan a successful conference on a budget.


The venue can either make or break your event. This is one of the most important details for planning a conference. Do your research and look for a location that will benefit you and maximize the experience that people will have at the conference. A great venue should offer accommodation or be close to available accommodation. It should offer good space that allows attendees to network and relax in and an area that is relatively private for the official proceeding. The venue’s staff need to be helpful and professional as such small details can make a difference in the overall experience. Consider looking for a venue that can offer snacks and food for the conference. Finding a venue that supplies audio and video equipment can effectively reduce your budget. Consider all the amenities the venue offers before committing to it.


Assemble you’re A-team to plan the conference effectively by allocating different positions for different things that need to be planned. Planning the event this way will lighten the workload and allow for effective organization. This can be split into these teams: 

Planning team to organize the venue, accommodation, activities, and catering.

Admin team who will organize the budget, attendee registration and the running of the conference

Support team to help with the on-site activities, keeping track of the attendees present and helping other teams throughout the day. Consider everyone you would need working the event like security and catering.


If you can find a venue that offers catering and snacks then having vendors may not be necessary. If you do need a vendor, start by doing your research and then negotiating with these vendors.

The most important factor to remember is to stick to the budget. Everything should have a budget that will make up the cost of the event. Stick to this budget but don’t compromise on quality.

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