Wedding day checklist for the bride and groom

Your wedding day can be stressful and having an organized plan on everything going on will help ease the stress. Having a checklist for all the things you might need on the day is important. Here are a few things to remember to put on your checklist on your special day.

Emergency kit

This means having a kit set aside for anything you might need if a wedding emergency is to occur. Sewing kit, Band-Aids, deodorant, tampons, and painkillers. Sometimes things happen at the last minute and you want to be prepared for anything

Touch-up kit

This kit is for all the cosmetic emergencies you may have on the day. Things like breath mints, lipstick, baby powder and other things to keep you looking and feeling good.

Marriage certificate

This you just can’t forget.


This needs no further explanation.


If you are writing these yourself make sure have your vows close and a copy with a member of your bridal party just in case anything happens.


Ensure that all of your vendors are present and that everything is moving smoothly. If you have a wedding planner then they can ensure that everything is in order, if not delegate duties to your bridal party to help keep the ceremony on time.

Have fun

Remember that this is your wedding day. Don’t get too consumed with making sure that everything is perfect. In between all the chaos have some fun and relax. Enjoy the day with your new partner.

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